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We Are Pleased To Offer You The Latest, Innovative Members Of The Vee String Family.

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Original Vee String,

This product has been designed to hide the male genitalia. It also has a vaginal opening for body cavity penetration. It can be worn for hours at a time with no problem.

Bladder Vee String.

You can urinate in a sitting position as a female without removal or adjustment. It also has a vaginal opening for body cavity penetration.

Sheath Vee String,

Designed with a Vaginal Canal Sheath. You can insert a penis inside the sheath allowing you and your partner to experience sexual pleasure.

Masturbator Vee String.

Finally, a Vee-String where the head of your penis is your Clitoris! You can masturbate as a girl and urinate with it on too!!!

Sheath/Bladder Vee String.

Now you can have it all...The Sheath Vee-StringTM is available with a Bladder. One product with all the functions!!!

Virgin Vee String.

It not only fulfills the feminine illusion, but gives you the ability to lose your virginity and regain it again! It is designed for sexual enjoyment with a larger vaginal opening, which is easily penetrated.

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