Years In The Making.

Item: The Fem Padded Sex Girdle

Our Padded Girdle is the most advanced, most life-like silicone prosthetic in the world for cross dressing and other fetishes. The prosthetic is life-like in both look and feel. The molded in vagina and anus are both penetrable and the stretchy nylon liner makes them both very strong.

This prosthetic fits your body so tight and secure that it becomes a worry-free part of your body. This prosthetic is meant to be used under your own clothes. You can even wear it totally exposed under a short skirt! The Padded Girdle adds 2.5" inches to your hips, .75" to each side of your butt cheeks, .5" to the back of your butt cheeks, .5" on the outside and .25" on the inside of each thigh. It thins down to .125" in the crotch and at the openings.

You do not need to use FemPads with the Padded Girdle. But you can! If you wore the Padded Girdle over a set of FemPads all the above measurements would double, except for the inner thighs and crotch area. Note: The girdle has a natural bounce to it. It wiggles and jiggles!

Comes with a Texas Catheter Rig to make urination possible.

Sizes: Small: 26" to 30", Medium: 30" to 34", Large: 34" to 38" and XL: 38" to 42" waist.
Shipping Time: 4-5 weeks. Skin colors available are Light Caucasian, Medium Caucasian, Latin, African American and Asian.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR WEAR: Put Baby Powder on the lower part of your body. Roll the girdle forward from the inside as if you are putting on a pair of pantyhose. Step into the girdle and gently pull up. Note: Only grasp the girdle from the inside fabric lining. Do not grab the girdle from the outside or you will damage the silicone.

Handling is simple as well: Please make sure you do have plenty of baby powder on your body. Then step in, and scroll up very gently step by step, do not tear and use your sense while taking on! :-) Be careful as well with fingernails or any jewellery that you do not get holes in. Normally it is the same as if you put on a pantyhose. Cleaning works best in a bathtub with warm water and mild soap. After washing, you touch it lightly and then let air-dry. If you want to, you can add some baby-powder inside of the body, that makes it easier to slip in while taking on next time.


Special Introductory Price: $ 999.99 plus shipping and handling