Item: Franny Latex Female Face Mask.

Stunningly beautiful with natural looking features and sophisticated eye make-up palette.

This mask is so real, you can wear it outside in broad daylight with a wig and people WILL THINK YOU ARE A WOMAN.
It is a professional MOVIE QUALITY mask.

One of our most popular mask models. It has a really great looking and proportional face. The material is very high quality, soft, natural latex that is very bendable and feels great against the skin. The mask slips on and off easily and is comfortable to wear for even long periods of time. This mask could also be used on mannequins or for any other purpose you desire. The craftsmanship on this female latex mask is superb. A lot of attention to detail, this mask is as realistic as they come!
Large sized so it fits most.

Note: The mask does not include eyelashes and eyes. You use your own through the mask. A lovely wig will top off your new look.

Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks, guaranteed.

Price: $399.99 plus shipping and handling.



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