Rose's Turn TG Boutique Presents "CFX Silicone Mask" for Male to Female Transformation.

Stunningly beautiful "Pull-Over" Silicone Mask. Will change your facial features from Male to Female. The mask is very high quality and has long neck and covers part of your shoulders. Not your usual mask!

Our Silicone Masks have the most realistic look and movement with the comfortably snug fit that makes them. Our masks are made of flexible, skin-soft silicone rubber to stretch and move with your face. Engineered to fit snugly to the contours of your face to allow maximum movement and comfort as well as allowing for natural vision, hearing, and breathing, all Pro Silicone Masks are also meticulously hand painted for lifelike realism and superior durability.

These masks aren't just sculpted, they're ENGINEERED. Material thickness is carefully measured and kept consistent to make a lightweight mask with maximum strength, enhanced flexibility, and prevents excess heat build-up. Sculptures are engineered for scale and optimized anatomical placement, and all our masks are strategically reinforced in stress areas to reduce the risk of tearing, while still allowing for the most realistic facial movement and comfortable wear.

Made especially to fit the Male Head. Mask includes eyebrows but no eye lashes. Skin Color: Medium Caucasian.

Production time is 6-8 weeks before ship time. Totally worth the wait. There is nothing available as realistic, comfortable and such high quality as these masks.

* Won't chip, peel, fade or dry rot.
* Won't create uncomfortable heat build up. More comfortable to wear for long periods.
* More consistent thickness than the competition. More lightweight and easy to wear.
* Superior embedded reinforcement makes CFX Pro Silicone Masks more durable.
* Easily washable. Since nothing sticks to silicone rubber except silicone, Pro Silicone Masks are easily cleaned with mild soap and water.
* All CFX Pro Silicone Masks include a durable, rigid polyfoam headform for display and storage at NO EXTRA COST.
* Superior industry expertise. The artists at CFX work in many facets of the film and attractions industry. This gives us a unique, expansive understanding of materials and techniques in the special effects business that carries over into our production processes, making for more consistent and expertly crafted products. * Top notch customer service.

A lot of people want to know that.

The features on this mask are very plausible. Top the mask off with a great wig.

Introductory Price: $ 989.99 plus shipping and handling.

For a limited time, a free, mid-length wig in the color of your chosing with be sent with your mask. Choose color in the shopping cart below.



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